Are you paying the right price for your work wear?
How do you know if you are buying the best possible work clothing at the lowest possible price? You can get the answer by using us for an independent cost analysis. We have spent our entire careers in the clothing business in charge of purchasing, production and as “key account managers”. We can divide each and every piece of clothing down to “dollars and cents” and we know the costs of producing clothes in different parts of the world. Since we started Uniformskonsulten, we have also participated in a great number of procurement projects on the behalf of our clients. So we know what you can get for your money if you structure the tender properly and make the proper demands.

Do you pay the correct price for your logistics and handling?
Do you use your internal and external resources in the right way? Our analysis will give you the answers. We can pinpoint where your working methods end up being uneconomical and give you recommendations for better structures and methods.