Basic rules for good design of Uniforms and work wear:

  • The clothes should be visible and reflect the company’s brand and ”soul”.
  • The collections should be developed with consideration to cost.
  • The wearer should feel comfortable
  • The clothes must fit everyone – large, petit, tall, short, young or old.
  • The garments must meet the functionality demands for all types of employees, and their work environments.
  • The garments should be easy to care for and durable.

How do you go about developing new uniform or line of work wear?

The first thing that normally comes to mind when it is time to develop a new work wear or uniform collection is to let the existing supplier handle the new development. Of course, this is feasible and we can add a lot to such a process as well. However, there is a lot to be gained by first developing the line of clothing and then start a procurement process in an environment of fair competition. With the right process in this respect you will acquire clothing that meets the demands of both management and users, and at the same time securing the lowest possible cost.

These are our recommendations for developing a new line of uniforms or work wear:

  1. Make a needs analysis, which determines the wishes, needs and demands of both the users and management.
  2. Find a suitable designer through an appropriate selection process.
  3. Select materials that are produced to withstand your specific stresses and strains.
  4. Feed the designer with all necessary information and be active in the process. The end result will depend on how well the designer manages to satisfy the seven basic rules above.