Skills enhancement

Our advices are actually free of charge
With our help you will become more knowledgeable as purchaser and as head of a uniform project. We open a window into the “world of textiles”, and give you the tools you need to achieve the best result.
It may also be comforting to know that our effort ultimately doesn’t cost you anything. On the contrary, all of our client agreements have contributed to lowering costs for work wear and uniforms – sometimes quite considerably.

We have achieved lower costs for the following reasons:

  • We give you advice regarding purchasing strategies that allow the suppliers to produce and distribute the clothing in a cost effective way.
  • We contribute to creating an effective competition and successful negotiations with potential suppliers (we know the real cost of clothing).
  • We ensure that you receive the quality of the clothing that meets your needs, ie. the greatest possible durability.
  • We achieve better agreements with suppliers ensuring the level of service that meets your needs. This spares internal resources.

Problem solving
Even in the best of cooperative situations one can have disagreements now and then. This may concern the terms of cooperation (what can you ask of the suppliers?), levels of quality, (what quality have we agreed on?) or pricing (what should it actually cost to substitute materials or adjust a style?).We have extensive experience and can give you the support you need in your negotiations with your suppliers.