Public request for tender

You get the answers you ask for
Making the proper demands in the request for tender will get you more and better answers.
This is a proven truth, applicable even to the textile trade.

Stating too few demands in the request for tender you risk receiving insufficient quality. Making the demands too detailed, such as describing in detail a certain material’s technical properties, you may, on the other hand, exclude suppliers, and run the risk of being offered yesterday’s products. Formulating the request properly you will be able to purchase better, more modern products to a much more advantageous price.

Start with functionality
Begin with determining what sort of quality demands you have on the clothing. For instance, what colour durability, abrasion resistance and tear resistance must the material have, in order to withstand all the stresses and strains? What shrinkage and pilling tendency is acceptable? Should some of the garments be waterproof with a “breathing” function or would it be enough with a water resistant finish?

You should then translate all these facts to demand specifications which are compatible with existing international testing methods. If you do that you will receive tenders that satisfy your demands and you will be able to compare all the different tenders, even in regards to quality.

What can we do for you?
We have a long history in the textile business. We have worked with production and purchasing of garments throughout our whole careers, and we know the business of work wear and uniforms like the back of our hands.

Requests for tender –
We can assist you in your work with the tender specifications, taking into account all branch specific limitations and possibilities. We can also help you formulate the proper textile demand specifications so that your needs permeate the demands you specify in the tender documents. This way you will get answers from the most appropriate suppliers, and at the same time invite creative solutions and new ideas.

New developments –
Are you intending to develop a new concept or adjust an existing range of clothing? We are good at identifying what functionality demands you need on the clothes, and we can contribute with factual discussions during internal support and decision-making procedures in your organization.
We have a network of designers, pattern constructors and test sewing studios/factories whom we work with and we constantly keep us updated about news in the textile business (for instance development of ecological materials). We can guide you through the whole development process in a safe and cost effective manner.

Problems –
Even in the best of cooperative ventures one can have differences of opinion now and then. These differences can be in regards to the terms of cooperation,  (what can you ask of a supplier?), levels of quality (what quality were agreed upon?) or price levels (what should it actually cost to substitute a material och adjust a style?). We can support you in your negotiations with your suppliers. We have great experience and know what demands youcan have and what costs are reasonable.

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