Assistance for procurement

Comparing apples with apples
All our clients want to purchase clothing of the highest possible quality for the lowest possible cost. But how do you define “highest possible quality”? How can you make your demands and needs so concrete that the quotations from different suppliers are possible to compare? And how can you ensure that what is promised in the tender actually will be delivered? This is where we come in! We know how to translate needs and demands into relevant words and figures, how to pose all the right questions and how to evaluate the answers. We also know how to formulate the final contract so that it turns into an effective tool for the every day work during the contract period.

Speaking the right language.
Each business has its own “shop talk”, using particular words and expressions for each set of circumstances. Once you have learned that particular language you can communicate clearly. That is generally also when you know enough about the business to be able to pose the right questions and make sound decisions. Today there aren’t many large companies who would purchase a new economic or computer system without the help of specialists. Naturally, the same goes for purchasing work wear or uniforms.